Completed UL 508A Manufacturing Projects

Southport on Cape Cod WWTF, Mashpee, MA

Design/Build of a listed Process Control Panel and upgraded electrical infrastructure for a private Waste Water Treatment Facility.

A brand new Motor Control Center is being designed and fabricated along with an accompanying PLC/HMI Controller.  Both analog and digital field devices for an upgraded treatment processes will be included.  A digital communicator will alert off site operating personnel of process alarms and malfunctions.  The entire waste water treatment process will be able to be run unmanned in an automated capacity, but the ability to run any of the components manually will be possible should the operator choose to.

The existing building power distribution system is being renovated to better handle the process load and the existing generator will have load shedding logic built into the PLC controller.  Several new skid mounted processes as well as HVAC VFDs will be integrated into the new control system.

Highlights of this project are:

  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and PanelView HMI controller
  • Classified location wiring methods in some areas
  • All renovations and upgrades being performed without shutting down the process
  • Analog device integration and field calibration
  • MCC and PCP electrical drawings and programming done by the PES team
  • Fire Alarm renovations
  • Complete lighting upgrades
  • Implementation of new process control devices such as intrinsically safe level floats, level transducers, flow meters, composite samplers, Sulzer pump motor relays, torque switches and more…



BioConcept Laboratories; Salem, NH:

Design/Build of a listed Process Control Panel for their Airlock Entry Protocol System

PES worked with our customer to utilize existing magnetic holders and status switches to control the flow of personnel through airlock transitions in clean room production areas. A PLC and modular I/O hardware were used to insure airlocks only had one open door at a time, minimizing contamination of the clean space.

Highlights of this project are:

      • LENZE c300 PLC
      • LENZE System 1000 modular I/O components
      • BMS compatible
      • Full field installation and integration with existing door hardware and magnets
      • Automated system shutdown in the event of a Fire Alarm condition in the building
      • All design, electrical drawings and PLC programming handled in house
      • Additional capacity for future airlocks and production pass through chambers

Budd Foods; Manchester, NH

Design build of a listed process control cabinet for their “straight line” production line

This project instantly struck our interest when approached to upgrade a chicken pot pie process line with new programmable logic-based controls. After performing a site visit and working with the in-house team, we were able to design and construct a control panel that would upgrade the existing magnetic Straight-Line control system. The project started with CAD design and ended with complete inhouse PLC programming. PES supplied a turn key panel and assisted with the onsite start up. Construction of this cabinet has since opened the door to upgrading other food handling lines within the facility.

Henniker Forestry Products, Henniker, NH:

Design/Build of a listed Process Control Panel for a commercial kiln building

For this project, PES visited the site and studied the wood drying process in their four kiln facility. A new control system was designed to monitor both wet and dry temperature in each kiln and treat accordingly. Thermocouples were utilized in the kilns to measure exact temperatures and the heat valves, steam valves, motorized dampers, and blowers are all run automatically based on user defined parameters entered into the PLC logic via a touchscreen (HMI). An EtherCAT communication network was utilized to interface with the Variable Frequency Drives so that air circulation could be varied in intensity and direction in an automatic or manual fashion.
Highlights of this project are:

      • 10.4” LENZE p300 combination PLC/HMI
      • LENZE System 1000 modular I/O components
      • (36) LENZE/AC Tech 10HP, 480V Variable Frequency Drives
      • Real time trending of dry, wet and average temperatures
      • All design, electrical drawings and PLC programming handled in house


Custom designed Cant Sizer Control Cabinet:

    • This cabinet integrates system components with the equipment manufacturers PLC and PC based control system
    • Direct coordination with the manufacturer’s representative
    • Remote speed control of the VFD controlled motors

 custom_cant_sizer_control_cabinet_photo1 custom_cant_sizer_control_cabinet_photo2 custom_cant_sizer_control_cabinet_photo3

Cement Production Facility Control Cabinet:

    • This cabinet allows for immediate use by the operator with standard pushbuttons and selector switches, however it was built to seamlessly integrate with proposed future PLC automation
    • Included onsite rigging, placement and integration with production equipment

 cement_production_facility_control_cabinet_photo1 cement_production_facility_control_cabinet_photo2 cement_production_facility_control_cabinet_photo3

Manufacturing Facility Custom Control Cabinet:

      • Temperature controlled air movement control systems
      • Easily converted to add variable frequency drives and speed control for future customization of system performance

 manufacturing_facility_control_cabinet_photo1 manufacturing_facility_control_cabinet_photo2 manufacturing_facility_control_cabinet_photo3

Government Facility Custom Control Cabinet:

    • Integration of an FM200 fire suppression system with the HVAC power and control circuits in an IT space
government_facility_control_cabinet_photo1  government_facility_control_cabinet_photo3





News and Information

We are excited about our newest venture in the industrial market; PES, Inc. has become a UL 508A Listed ICP Manufacturer! PES has always had the ability and the confidence to solve our Customer’s problems where control systems are concerned. From vintage magnetic control packages to more modern solid state systems, we have been there to assist with design, installation, upgrades, integration, troubleshooting and repair. Like most other electrical contractors, we relied on vendors to furnish us with a UL 508A Listed industrial control cabinet as required by the National Electrical Code. And while these products are sufficient for most [More]

We couldn’t be happier with the results of the ice rink project this winter at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth!  Progressive was selected for the electrical portion of the install of a temporary ice skating rink constructed on the lawn at the historical 10 acre outdoor museum.  Officially called the “Labrie Family Skate at Puddle Dock Pond” it is a public skating rink erected for the winter season.  The rink will be dismantled and stored away until the fall when the cold weather returns.  This unique project offered a variety of challenges with the design and implementation of the modular installation [More]

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