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Progressive Electrical Services, Inc. is proud to offer crane and hoist inspection and maintenance service programs.  Our services for Crane and Hoist inspections are based on our interpretation of the appropriate ANSI, CMAA, HMI, IS09000 NEC, NEMA and OSHA codes and include the following:

Visually inspect sheaves, drum, wheels and bearing for general conditions and lubrication.

Inspect the wire rope for any signs of kinking, crushing, cutting, bird caging, corrosion or other unusual wear.  Check for proper reeving and lubrication.

Inspect the load block and hook for any excessive wear such as bending, twisting cracks, grooves or increased throat opening.

Inspect the external parts of the hoists, trolley frames, catwalks and handrails for loose bolts, broken parts, misalignments, broken welds or any other unusual conditions.

Check entire unit for smoothness of operation and proper pendant identifications.

Open control boxes and check all contactor, relays, timers etc., for proper operation, loose/broken connections etc.

Inspect all safety devices, i.e. limit switches, etc., for proper operation.

Inspect external motors, couplings and wiring for wear and deterioration.

Inspect general condition of the end stops, rail sweeps, drop lugs and shock absorbing bumpers.

Check load brake for proper operation.  A static load test is conducted if weights are made available at crane during inspection

Inspect runway electrification, collector arms, collector shoes, festooning, etc. for signs of wear.  Provide lubrication of equipment where necessary.

Provide orderly inspection report booklet for your files to be kept as permanent record.

Provide a complete summary of required repairs by crane.

Provide written quote of noted repairs.

News and Information

We are excited about our newest venture in the industrial market; PES, Inc. has become a UL 508A Listed ICP Manufacturer! PES has always had the ability and the confidence to solve our Customer’s problems where control systems are concerned. From vintage magnetic control packages to more modern solid state systems, we have been there to assist with design, installation, upgrades, integration, troubleshooting and repair. Like most other electrical contractors, we relied on vendors to furnish us with a UL 508A Listed industrial control cabinet as required by the National Electrical Code. And while these products are sufficient for most [More]

We couldn’t be happier with the results of the ice rink project this winter at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth!  Progressive was selected for the electrical portion of the install of a temporary ice skating rink constructed on the lawn at the historical 10 acre outdoor museum.  Officially called the “Labrie Family Skate at Puddle Dock Pond” it is a public skating rink erected for the winter season.  The rink will be dismantled and stored away until the fall when the cold weather returns.  This unique project offered a variety of challenges with the design and implementation of the modular installation [More]

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